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My passion is helping my fellow entrepreneurs and business owners succeed! So I have created a curated list of my favorite tools, just for you. I love to share what I know, and these resources are what I use and love the most. 

This page contains affiliate links. I have partnered with my favorite services in order to provide you with some awesome deals. I do get a small commission when you purchase through my links, but no worries- I only recommend the services that I love and it does not cost you anything extra! 

Tools to run the biz

Siteground is the best all-around web host. They offer tons of must-have features such as daily backups, fast speeds, dedicated servers, etc. for their low monthly price. If you are on the hunt for a reliable web host I definitely recommend Siteground. 

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Namecheap is my go to when I need to purchase a domain name. They are affordable and always have deals on domains. If you already have a web host, I recommend purchasing your domain names through Namecheap because they will always save you money.

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Trello is a phenomenal project management system. Working with many clients effective organization is a must. Trello has made my life so much easier with easy to follow cards that break down all of my tasks in one place.

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Creative Market is my go to when I want to find beautiful handcrafted elements to enhance my web development. They have graphics, logos, icons, stock photos, fonts, and tons more. If you need branding elements for your website definitely check out Creative Market!

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Google Analytics is a FREE must-have tool to enhance your website performance. It is used to track and monitor all of your site analytics, track site visitors, demographics,  and much more.

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Elegant themes houses one of the most advanced and universal WordPress theme and builder. It has drag and drop features for people looking to build simple sites with no coding experience and a free library of premade themes. It also has email and social media marketing plugins to enhance your site. 

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The Adobe Creative Suite is a must have for logos, graphics, editing, vectors, design mock-ups and much more. Some of my favorite Adobe programs that I use on a regular basis are Photoshop, Illustrator, and Lightroom.

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I am sure you have noticed that little chat box on the bottom of the screen that pops up with a message from me. That is my live chat service powered by Drift. If you do not have a live chat service for your website that offers services I would highly recommend getting started with one and Drift is a great free option!

Start your live chat!

Nowadays, online shopping has become increasingly popular. If your business sells products Shopify is one of the leading eCommerce platforms to house your products and easily sell them! There are tons of free and premium features that make running your eCommerce store a breeze!

Get started selling your products!

Social Media

Are you someone who likes to plan your social media posts ahead of time? Tailwind is awesome post automation for Pinterest and Instagram. Allowing you to schedule pins and posts to post at future times without you having to manually post every time. Set it all up at once and let Tailwind do the work! 

Click here to get started automating your posts!

You know all of those beautiful and branded Instagram feeds? Ever wonder how people get their pictures to correspond so perfectly? Most likely they are using a service like Planoly to visually plan their feeds. 

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The Beautiful Stock Photos

Shutterstock is my go-to for paid stock photos. They have a wide selection for practically any category that you can think of. Anywhere from professional lifestyle photos to logos and vectors. If you have exhausted your free stock photo options check out Shutterstock!

Click here to start browsing the Shutterstock library!

If you are someone who does not have enough of your own photos for your website or social media you may look for alternative options such as stock photos. Pexels is a great option for free stock photos. 

Click here to browse Pexels library!

Stock photos can be pretty expensive. Trust me, I know… Thankfully there are plenty of free services that offer stock photos. Like Pexels, Unsplash is another free service that offers stock photos. 

Click here to browse the Unsplash library!

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Hey There!

Ready to work together in building your online presence and bringing your vision to life?! Connect with me!

Also, don't forget to follow me on social media. Oh, and be sure to subscribe to my newsletter to receive awesome freebies!