Businesses that do not have a professional website risk losing potential customers.

Nowadays, most people own or have access to smartphones and or computers. When someone is in the market for something in particular such as a mechanic, restaurants, furniture, vehicles, etc. Most of the time they are going to search online for resources.

When an individual types into Google keywords such as local mechanic or mechanic near me they are going to click the first couple of links that they see. If your website happens to be one selected and it is unresponsive, unprofessional, cluttered, has lack of information, or poorly designed they are going to click onto the next page. Businesses that do not have a professional website risk losing potential customers.

Branding is extremely important in order to be a successful business. In the marketing world, branding means creating a unique business name, symbol, or design that identifies your business apart from other competition.

Your online presence is your first impression to customers that you do not meet face to face. In a world of competition, you want to be sure you are increasing clientele and not pushing it away. You want to be sure you are creating an excellent first impression to build your business.

Your branding is what others say about you when you are not in the room.

Therefore, hiring an experienced Web Developer is important if you want customers to be driven to your business. Here are the top 5 reasons to hire a web developer…..

1. Professionalism

A Web Developer specializes in building websites. They have the knowledge, time, and resources to build a professional website for your business.

2. Customization

Yes, there are a lot of resources online that market building websites without a developer, at a fraction of the cost, and with no experience. This is accomplished through pre-made templates. Although, this does work for some your customization options are very limited. A premade template is meant to be self-explanatory fill in as you go. But that is just it, it is premade and not meant for high customization. What you see is what you get unless you are experienced and know how to customize templates using code. A developer will be able to customize your website with no restriction.

3. Responsiveness

Mobile First is a common term used in developer lingo. Nowadays, most people have smartphones. Therefore, they are more likely to use their phone to search and view a website rather than a computer. As many of you may or may not already know, websites always look different in mobile view than they do in desktop view. This is due to the difference in screen sizing.

Mobile first, is when you build a website for mobile viewing first followed by the desktop view. Making a website responsive can be a challenging task. There are a lot of aspects that make a website responsive. By hiring a Web Developer you do not have to worry about applications not working in different screen sizes, web browsers, etc.

4. Experience

If you have no prior experience building a website even by using a template, it can be quite challenging. You will run into many things that you do not know how to do or simply cannot figure out how to do. These troubles will cause you to spend much more time on your website that you may not have. In these moments, you will wish you had hired a developer who has experience. A developer will know how to solve the issues you may have come across and in a time-efficient manner.

5. Search Engine Friendly

If you are a business owner, you want your website to be in the top listings in major search engines such as Google. There are a lot of aspects that contribute to search engine optimation (SEO). Hiring a developer will assure your website is search engine friendly meaning you will get more clientele finding and viewing your website.