Having a website is not all about your business. Most importantly, it is about user experience. Your website should be user-friendly, responsive, mobile ready, and engaging. You want to make your potential customers intrigued by your website.

Here are 10 reasons why your website may be driving customers away…

1. Content

Quality content is an extremely important factor to gain customer attention. You need to prove to your customer’s that you can offer what they want. You do not want to make it seem like you are just trying to promote your business. You want to show customer satisfaction is important to your business.

If you offer a product that could be useful to someone, display evidence to back your product up. For example, if you are selling a supplement talk about the benefits it can offer to someone and persuade them why it would be beneficial to them. Really engage your customers in the product.

2. Navigation

If your website has poor navigation people will most likely just click out of your page. Navigating around your site should be simple and easy to get to. You can do this by displaying your navigation bar at the top of each page.

3. Load time

Slowly loading web pages can be frustrating to users. Most people do not want to spend time waiting for a page to load. They will most likely just click on to the next web page. Be sure that your web pages are loading up quickly to prevent losing customers.

You can speed up load time by…

  • Reducing images and media size
  • Clean and organized coding
  • Reliable and well-known web hosting company

4. Design

Poor web design will make visitors think that your business is not professional and up to date. Having a unique and modern web design will assure users that you value your user experience.

5. Information overload

Displaying too much information on your website and not enough pictures, media, appplications, etc. You will overwhelm your users. A lot of people will not take the time to read through a lot of information if it is not something that is of interest to them. Keeping information consise and straight to the point is most beneficial to users. It allows people to get their questions answered quickly.

6. Lack of information

Although, having too much information can be an aspect driving your customers away not having enough can be as well. Important information should be on your website such as contact details. Do not keep users questioning. Valuable information should be accessible to them on your website saving you and the customer time.

7. Responsiveness

Most people nowadays have a smartphone. Therefore, they are more likely to visit your website from their mobile devices rather than a computer. It is extremely important that your website is responsive to different screen sizes and mobile friendly.

8. Grammar

Grammatical errors will always stir people away from what you are trying to display. People will not take your business seriously and will think that you are not professional. Always be sure to proofread content on your web pages and make necessary changes before they are live.

9. Lack of reviews or testimonials

When people are looking for a new product or service they are most likely going to read reviews and testimonials. This gives them an idea of how good the product is that your selling or the service that you are offering. Without a rating people are more likely to choose a more reputable and trustworthy business who offers the same thing. When people use your products or services always request a review to display on your website.

10. Autoplaying music or ads

I am sure you get annoyed when you visit a webpage and there are annoying ads playing in the background. Your users do not like this either. When you add videos or ads to your site, have them click to play only. Doing so will improve your user experience.